Pastor Olayinka Dada

Pastor Olayinka Dada has been pastoring since 1996 as a tent maker and God has used him to transform lives through sound teachings of the Word of God. He is well grounded and thorough in his teaching of the Word and is always uncompromisingly passionate about declaring the truth of the Word.

He is a seasoned leader, pioneer, teacher and a church planter whom God has used in the ministry in different countries of the world. He has a conviction that the 21st century church should be tailored to attract all races. He believes this can be done by changing our “wineskin” and “garment” in order to preserve the gospel and reach the unreached of the land Matthew 9:15 –17.

Pastor Dada has a shepherd’s heart with a desire to see our land restored to God. He has a burden to see our communities and homes taken for Jesus in this end time. He is convinced that God will use Restoration House as a catalyst for revival in Hamilton that will touch the whole world.

Pastor Dada is a family physician and practices in Hamilton. He is happily married to Pastor Oluwatoyin and they are blessed with four children, Timothy, Esther, Mary and Deborah.